The pure and purest energy

Year of birth:      1991
Activities:      Jogging, Strength training, Hiking
Our Athlete since:      2021
Favourite Set:      Ribbed Set in Blue and Grey



About Me:
My name is Katharina Weber, born in Fulda, but I live and work in Frankfurt.
in Frankfurt am Main since 2014. Sport has been an important part of my life since
in my life since childhood. It all started with swimming in a club.
club. Especially in stressful everyday life, it is the best solution to
to clear my head. It's often enough to meet up with friends in the evening
in the park in the evening and play a round of frisbee, which is mega fun and
fun and gives me an incredible amount of pleasure. To hopefully stay fit for a long time
I attach great importance to a meat-free, plant-based diet, as it is not only my own health that I
not only my own health is important to me, but also the health of our
of our planet, because we only have this one.


Because SPORTSBABE stands for sustainability, plants trees for every item sold and they care about our environment. That's why I'm completely behind their philosophy, and I'm thrilled to be able to contribute to it.
part of it. Besides, SPORTSBABE is a young and mega cool team with whom you can have a lot of fun.


My recipe for success
Life motto: I am happy!
In life, it's the little things that count and I find that if you just
about the little things, don't take yourself so seriously and just have fun in life.
and simply have fun in life, then that makes our lives so much more
much more worth living. Because we only have this one thing and it should be beautiful.
beautiful. So have fun and above all be happy!